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ktyp's RSS TV Listings is a neat new way of using RSS. Here you will find a collection of television channel listings for a large selection of channels sorted by timezone. All these feeds are valid RSS 2.0 that you can stick into your favorite RSS reader or aggregator.

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March 2007 — Down Until Further Notice

I'm assuming many of you have noticed that since back in November the feeds have been broken. What happened was that the secret behind these feeds was screen scraping Yahoo! TV Listings, which they incidentially changed at the same time. There was also a link to another site in which was a totally reworked version of this very site had the ability for multichannel feeds, all channels working, and more.

Yahoo! actually released their new listings the exact same day the new website was released to the world giving a very short lived lifespan. Right now this site is dead until further notice. If ( and hopefully when ) I get this site back up it will be as the almost released new version a few people actually managed to get to test for a few hours. The main hurdle is finding the data.

I'm currently sourcing TV listing data and when I find a reliable source this will be the first place to find out. I'd like to thank all the supporters, donators, users, and everyone involved.
Hope to see everyone again soon.

kb (at) ktyp.com.